Trial & Ale - A Saison Cultivated - 7.4% (750ml)

"Peaches don’t typically conjure visions of aggressive, wild flavours. Most people are likely to describe peaches as “soft” or “delicate” in their flavour profile. But we saw potential in bringing out a wild side of the peach and giving this fruit its day in the sun. Starting with our base Saison stock with its huge wild yeast character, we added a slightly tart component to further brighten up the blend, and allowed it to rest on peaches for several months. Rays of sunshine are the primary tasting notes, followed by a rush of all the unique musty cellar funk our signature wild Saison blending character is known for. A pleasant outcome to the blend is a melding of soft and wild, displaying a negotiated sensory middle ground. The peach rounds out and brings the wild character of the base to a more moderate level, while the funk helps elevate the peaches to achieve their full potential. As blenders, we are never more excited than when separate ingredients mutually enhance the other. While peaches on a wild beer base is not a particularly novel concept, we feel this example stands out as something really special. Come along and take a trip out to the farm with us. Enjoy!"