Trial & Ale - Orange Spheres On Blankets Of White - 7% (750ml)


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"Against all odds, above the 49th Parallel North grows a hearty, spiny, sour bush. Despite the amazingly harsh conditions of its environment, defiant, glowing orange orbs of acid break through and flourish. You may have never heard of Sea Buckthorn, but chances are you have encountered it in your everyday life. These little globes of joy are the most acidic fruit we’ve ever encountered. Primarily scooped up entirely by the cosmetics industry for their high Omega 3-6-9 fatty acid contents, we had to search far and wide for our sour orange friends. This batch of Sea Buckthorn is of Siberian provenance, and with enough acidity to make facial motor function cease. We had a relatively difficult time with the solubility of this blend. We hadn’t accounted for the high fatty acid content of the fruit making it completely insoluble in solution. After some time on fruit, we ended up with half of the tank with teeth-meltingly sour liquid, and the other half of the tank with only the base beer blend. Suffice to say, after much work, we solved our solubility issues, but this release owns the title of the most stubborn blend we’ve made to date. However, the citrus-like fruit quality, combined with our blend selection makes all the memories of the production pains melt away. Enjoy!"