Trial & Ale - Dissent Within the Caucus - 7.9% (750ml)


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"We are excited to introduce a new microbe to our blends: Welcome Pediococcus to the Trial & Ale family. Early on in our brewing plans, we dedicated a portion of our cellar space and barrels to barrel stock destined to be (very) long fermented. We filled these early and segregated them to wait until this traditional lactic acid producing bacteria went through the long process of creating a product that only time and Pedio can deliver. We are excited to find that our LAMF (Long-Aged Mixed Fermentation) barrels are starting to come online and are reaching maturity. We feel that these barrels, along with the slightly modified base recipe that includes a high amount of 6-year aged Lambic hops, produces a complex set of flavours that are a throwback to old world styles that can’t be achieved without a substantial amount of time in oak. One of our favourite aspects of these blends are the rich minerality akin to a pleasant slightly metallic note that produces a drying effect on the palate and leaves the taster desiring more."