**1 PER CUSTOMER** Trillium - Arnold Arboretum - 7% (473ml)


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***1 Per Customer*** Boston's Trillium available now from Ghost Whale! "Located on a 281-preserve between Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is truly a living museum. With a focus on the floras of eastern North America and eastern Asia, this beautiful park is free and open daily to those of all ages. Pouring a rich, golden yellow with a warm and inviting haze, Arnold Arboretum's Citra/Galaxy hop bill offers an array of citrus-meets-stone fruit aromas that we know and love. Navel orange peel, sweet canned peach, apricot nectar, and pineapple gummies weave in and out throughout each sip. Never leaning too hard in the direction of sweetness or bitterness, Arnold Arboretum boasts a soft mouthfeel and medium body."