Wander Beyond - Old King Cascade: Vintage 2021 - 15% (440ml)


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""Since early 2019 we have been reserving a limited number of our best brews, which we believed may develop further from a cold maturation period. This allowed the beers to evolve, deepen and grow in complexity and nuance, and thus our cellar-ageing programme was born. Each one of these are very limited in numbers, with a new old take on the artwork. This winter we have carefully selected four beers to release from the cellar-ageing programme. Each beer has developed in its own unique way over this extended maturation period.

Old King Cascade was originally brewed to a classic barley wine recipe. Sweet and malty with a subtle low carbonation, this beer bursts with notes of dates and dark fruits. Time has allowed this 2021 vintage beer to develop an even greater balance."