Weird Beard

Weird Beard - Collabaggedon - 6.4% (330ml)

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A Belgian Black IPA. Brewed at Weird Beard with all the collaborating breweries for the festival.

This is a beer that represents the collective of forward thinking, modern day brewers honing in on their skills and their favourite ingredients. It pops a juicy mix of citrus, lemon curd, resin and bubblegum with Simcoe and Sorachi hops. Add to that Belgium yeast fermented at lower temperatures and you get the fruit salad candy mix of light esters and sweetness. Team those delicious flavours with chocolatey dark malt and comforting toast, this innovative collab pushes conventions of a Black IPA. There's no turning back post-Collabageddon. This all-in brew was made by Elusive Brewing, Unity Brewing Co, Vibrant Forest, 40FT, Odyssey Brew Co and Affinity Brew Co, made at our place (Weird Beard).