Weird Beard

Weird Beard - Hello, Grisette Me You're Looking For? - 4.1% (330ml)

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Weird Beard - "I've been alone with you inside my pint, and in my dreams I've longed to sip, a thousand times I sometimes see your glass wants something more... Hello, Grisette Me You're Looking For?"

Evoking tastes of endless summers // Of crisp straw haured beauties // Of sunsets huer with neons // And sheet white Lamborghinis.

"Hello..." Follows you around the ballet room with a big nose of lemon drops.

Answering the call with tastes of a fresh fruit salad and leaving you with the wheat's serenade of a tinge of banana.

Truely a beer to drink "All Night Long".

So unbutton your shirt one too far // Let your Jheri Curis flow in the wind // Look longingly into your glass and // Start by saying, I Love You...