Whiplash - Let It Bleed - 5.1% (440ml)


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Blood Orange & Blood Peach Wheat Beer: "Built on a simple base of Pilsner and Wheat malt we’ve whirlpool hopped this one with the stone fruit master El Dorado and fermented on our guest Belgian yeast WLP550. Let it Bleed is hit with Blood Orange and Blood Peach in tank – bringing their own bright, citric sharpness along with the brightest stone fruit flavour then right towards the end hit with plenty of fresh Orange Zest to veer that top note into a fresh citrussy and floral nose of pure Summer.⠀ The body is light, round and fruity while finishing welcomely tart and dry. There’s a brightness from the fruit and a crispness to the high carbonation that makes this airy and quaffable and super super refreshing."