Wild Beer - Spirit of Pogo - 42.5% (35cl)


"We have distilled our Pogo pale ale brewed with orange zest, passion fruit and guava at the Somerset Cider Brandy Company using their 70 year old copper stills from France

7000 litres of beer was distilled to 63% before being cut back to 42.5% where we felt all of the flavours came together and the fruity aromatics came to the fore.

Retaining all the fruit character from the beer we have created something truly unique and with only a very small batch of bottles there really isn't much to go around...

Spirit of Pogo can be enjoyed on it’s own over ice after a meal, or is even better served as an Old Fashioned.

Our favourite recipe is with maple syrup, orange peel and a few drops of Angostura Bitters (you could use sugar syrup and your choice of bitters...)

It’s also good simply served over ice, with Fever Tree Light tonic and a wedge of orange."