Earn Hail The Hop loyalty points every time you buy from us both online and in-store and get money off your beer!



When you make a purchase online you will accrue 10 points for every £1 spent. You points will build up with every online purchase and when you have enough points, you will be able to redeem a discount code. To view how many points you have simply log into your account on our online store and click on the 'Rewards' widget in the bottom right hand corner. 



When you make a purchase in either our Brixton or Putney store your in-store Hail The Hops loyalty account balance will accrue credit. This credit can be used to contribute towards up to 50% of the value of a future purchase. Simple as that.  




Online: To convert your online accrued loyalty points into a cash discount, ensure you are logged into your online account, click on the 'Rewards' widget in the bottom right and follow the 'How To Redeem' menu to select which discount you'd like to exchange your points for. You'll receive an email with a discount code to use on your next purchase. The discount code is valid for 2 weeks from when it is generated

so be sure to use your discount in time as the points can not be re-applied to your account. so please be sure to redeem your reward when you are ready to use the discount.

The discount code can only be used for up to a maximum of 50% off of your purchase (so if you have a code for £10 off you'll need to have a basket value of £20+ to be able to use it). 


In-store: You can check your in-store Hail The Hops Loyalty credit balance by asking a member of staff at the till. You can use any amount of your loyalty credit as a discount of up to 50% off of your next purchase in-store. Just ask a member of staff if you wish to use your credit to pay towards your next purchase. 



The Hail The Hops in-store and online loyalty schemes are capped at £100 worth of loyalty discount (this is 50,000 points online). 

When you claim a reward, your points balance will reduce by the value of the reward. 

Your Hail The Hops points are there to be enjoyed, please don't forget about them. Your points have a one year life span. If you do not redeem any of your rewards for 12 months, or you do not buy from us for 12 months then your points balance will reset to zero. 

Discounts afforded by using your in-store loyalty credit are only valid for take away purchases. Discounts can not be used against drink-in purchases. 

Hail The Hops loyalty points are not accrued on purchases where a discount has already been applied.

Hail The Hops loyalty points are not accrued on drink-in purchases or event tickets. 


ONLINE - If you already have an online store account with us, then you need do nothing more, you're already set up. If you don't, simply set one up and then you're good to go. 

IN-STORE - Likewise, in-store, make sure we have you registered as a customer on our in-store system with your email address.