Earn Hail The Hop loyalty points every time you buy from us either online or in-store and get access to a whole range of great rewards! 


There's plenty of ways to earn points.

Make a purchase in-store or online and get 1 point for every £1 spent. 

Refer a friend and get 25 points when they make their first online purchase. They'll also get 10% off their first order so everyone wins! 

Follow and share us on social media for 5 bonus points. 

Birthday bonus, get 25 points from us on your birthday, every year. You don't even have to do anything, just have a birthday. Brilliant right? Unless you were born on 29th February. 


The rewards are plentiful! Exchange your points for a reward or keep building them up to level up. Check these out for size! 

75 points: £1.50 off any purchase in-store or online.

150 points: Choices, choices. Get either a free black and gold Ghost Whale tote bag OR a Free Beer (availability varies, please check the widget for details).

250 points: £10 off when you spend £70 in-store or online. 

350 points: Free Ghost Whale T-shirt or Hat. 

500 points: £15 off when you spend £50 in-store or online.

666 points: Inspired by our bathroom neon in Putney, the 'Number Of The Yeast' points reward is a choice between 20% off your order or a free sharing bottle (availability varies, please check the widget for details). 

1000 points: £50 off when you spend £120 in-store or online. 

1500 points: Cash in big with a massive 50% off your entire order! 

To claim a reward online, make sure you're logged into your account, click on the 'Hail The Hops Loyalty' widget and select the reward you want to claim from the 'rewards' tab. Your unique discount code will be emailed to you to be used at the checkout. 

To claim a reward in-store, simply let our team know which reward you'd like to use and we'll make the adjustment at the till. Simple! 

When you claim a reward, your points balance will reduce by the value of the reward. 

Your Hail The Hops points are there to be enjoyed, please don't forget about them. Your points have a 12 month life span. If you do not redeem any of your rewards for a year, or you do not buy from us for a year then your points balance will re-set to zero. 


If you already have an online store account with us, then you need do nothing more, you're already set up. If you don't, simply set one up and then you're good to go. Likewise, in-store, make sure we have you registered as a customer on our in-store system with your email address (the same one you use for your online store account) and everything will link together nicely.