Finback - Halftone: Wavelength Magenta - 43% (700ml)


It’s summer distilled! Bursting with fruit flavors this spirit was designed to be the rosé of gin. Distilled with hibiscus, pomegranate, rosehips, and then aged on dried raspberries, this gin is bursting with fruit flavors. Perfect for adding a bright flourish to any cocktail. Naturally colored.


Created with 16 botanicals including: juniper, hawthorn berry, rose hips, raspberry leaf, grape root, lemon verbena, red clover flower, sumac, coriander, angelica root, orris root, licorice root, gentian, almond, hibiscus, dried raspberry

Finback is a craft brewery based in Queens in New York City. They made a name for themselves through their fun, experimental take on craft beer; particular highlights for us are the DIPAs and imperial stouts.