Fonta Flora - FONTA - 5.2% (473ml)

Definitely not to be confused with Fanta! "A paloma-style wheat ale brewed with grapefruit, tart and tangy! From the beginning, folks seemed to love pronouncing our name incorrectly. Thanks to the similarities with a popular soda company, to some, the difference in a vowel is just not quite enough. Additionally, there’s even a catchy phrase that folks love singing to (mostly at) us. Inspired by said beverage, FONTA is a tart wheat ale fermented with fresh grapefruit. Influenced by the paloma, which is one of our favorite summertime cocktails, we leaned hard into the fresh grapefruit and all of it’s citric acid to contribute a thirst-quenching acidity to this beer that will leave you quickly grabbing for more. A favorite seasonal offering in our portfolio, this beer represents everything we want to crush as the temperature warms up. You’re going to want a lot of this. You’re going to want to dust off that romper and crush a lot of this. Just trust us. Don’t you wanna?"