Balance Brewing & Blending - Empty Chair - 3.7% (375ml)

"Our very first Table Beer! This is a really refreshing, zippy little number fermented with our characterful house culture and aged for 9 months in ex. red wine barrels before blending. Perfect to drink now or to age and let the funk take the wheel. Brewed with a golden promise, wheat and rye malt base, this beer is a blend of 4 barrels fermented with Saison yeast, Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Dry hopped with 6 g/L Bramling Cross. We used pellet and whole leaf hops to bring greater complexity and body to this beer. There are overtones of zesty citrus and chardonnay grape skin while the modest bitterness really satisfies as it subsides to leave a mouthcoating, resinous finish."

Balance Brewing & Blending are the only brewery in Manchester dedicated entirely to the production of barrel fermented, mixed culture beer focused on high quality, complex yet drinkable beers made using British ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.