Cantillon - Grand Cru Bruoscella - 5% (750ml)


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"Cantillon Bruocsella Grand Cru is a bottled old lambic released annually by Cantillon in various batches. It is one of the few examples of unadulterated lambic released in bottles by any commercial lambic producers. The lambic is matured for three years in oak barrels and bottled. Bruocsella Grand Cru is commonly available in 75cl bottles as well as 37,5cl bottles on occasion. It was also released in 1,5L magnums in early 2016 at the brewery. The beer has no carbonation at bottling and will generally remain that way; however, older bottles are known to have exhibited lively carbonation. The brewery aptly compares this vieux lambic to a fine white wine in its appearance and taste.[1] In fact, early labels for Bruocsella Grand Cru suggest serving it and storing it like a wine."